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The Younique Foundation


I personally feel so blessed that I heard about this wonderful nonprofit organization.


For women who have been victims of childhood sexual abuse before the age of 18, there's never really been an outlet, or a special walk for us. It's just something we are believed or not believed happened, and we just "get on" with our lives. But wow! At The Haven Retreat I received so much education on how this trauma really did affect my life-without me knowing it.


At the end of this incredible retreat we became survivors of this trauma in our lives. We realized that we're actually not alone in this journey. There's actual tangible people out there, who the have the biggest hearts of gold and understood me! And best of all believed me!


After speaking to my husband we both agreed that we have an incredible outlet for bringing awareness of The Younique Foundation, to hundreds of women every month! 1 in 4 of these women are victims just like me, hiding in their guilt and/or shame. Silence is the biggest enemy we have. It's time to break the silence and end the stigma. There's no shame to have, and there's absolutely no guilt to feel! This trauma is NOT your fault!


On August 10th, 2017, Pink & White Nails and Spa was able to donate over $1,100 to help fund The Younique Foundation. Because of generous donors and sponsors- survivors, like myself, are able to attend this 4-day Haven Retreat for FREE! No Catch! Just arrive at the Salt Lake City Airport, in Utah, and they'll do the rest!


We were able to mail "In-Kind" Donations as well that included:


Ceramic or Porcelain Bowls (used for Kintsugi)

Comfy Socks

Hygiene Travel Kits


Scented Lotions/Bubble baths

Art Supplies


Please text SURVIVOR95 to 71777 to help us raise enough money to send a survivor


Let's say No More to 1 in 4!


With much sincerity,



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